Advice for walkers

We have used information from the Ramblers UK website to offer advice to walkers.

Grades of walks. (these grades are for guidance only and participants should be aware of their own capabilities.) If you are unsure, ask the leader at the start of the walk.

  • EASY – Generally flat walks on well surfaced paths/tracks/lanes with very few stiles
  • MODERATE – Walks with some gentle climbs/descents on distinct paths with several stiles
  • ENERGETIC – Walks with one steep ascent and descent and possibly a short section of rough/indistinct path
  • STRENUOUS – Walks with several steep climbs and descents partly on rough boggy ground with stream crossings without bridges

If you have not walked previously or for several years please start with easier, shorter walks and build up to longer, more strenuous walks.

  1. Important Information (please read)
  2. Where can you walk.
  3. What can you do on open access land.
  4. Your responsibilities.