Your responsibilities

When you’re out roaming on access land, you’re responsible for your own safety and for making sure that your actions don’t damage the people, animals or environment around you. Always stick to the Countryside Code so that you can enjoy, respect and protect the countryside.

  • Enjoy the outdoors
    • Plan ahead and be prepared
  • Respect other people
    • Consider the local community and other people enjoying the outdoors
    • Leave gates and property as you find them and remember to follow paths when you’re not on open access land
  • Protect the natural environment
    • Leave no trace of your visit and take your litter home
    • Keep dogs under effective control (Check out our Dog Walking Code for more information about walking with a dog)

There’s also advice in the Countryside Code for people managing the land, so that they know how to make it easy for visitors to act responsibly and how to identify possible threats to visitor’s safety.